“The vulnerability of precious things is beautiful because vulnerability is a mark of existence.” -Simone Weil

Writing has always been my “thing.”

Vulnerability, however, is most definitely not my “thing.”

Yet, any attempt I make at writing without rending my heart is futile and usually ends up scratched out, backspaced, or crumpled up.

Since so much of myself is revealed in my writing, here are some things about me that you probably won’t find out from them:

-Pineapple is the best pizza topping.

-I am obsessed with corgis.

-Most pop culture references go way over my head.

-Coffee snob.

-A friend of mine told me that Atlantis: The Lost Empire is basically my biography. They’re right, I am Milo Thatch.

-Did I mention my love corgis?

-School is one of my favorite things.

-There are some people in this world that truly enjoy learning languages. I am not one of them. I am obsessed with it (particularly Koine Greek, aka the original language of the New Testament).

-Life goal: become a Theology professor.

-Other life goal: have a corgi named Tobi and a Samoyed named Merlin.

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