Acclamation for the Living God

Matthew 28.1-10; Mark 16.1-8; Luke 21.1-49; John 20.1-29

As the day was dawning, there as a great quake.
They were walking darkness,
headed towards the source of their despair
on their way to begin their final care.
The one they loved was dead, he had been for three days.
They were walking in darkness towards the one who had proclaimed to be light,
and there was a great quake.

Remember the last quake?

The one at his death?

Yes. Could it be?


But he is gone.


Missing. He is not in the tomb.

Who moved the stone?

I did. Why do you look among the dead?

Where is he?


It is not possible.

He raised Lazarus after four. Could it be?

But he died. He cannot raise himself if he is dead.

He is risen. The living is not among the dead. Do not be afraid. Go tell his disciples. Go tell Peter.

Go tell my brothers I live.


So they went. And some went back to look with their own eyes,
and some did not believe.
Not yet.
They demanded to see flesh and blood
his scars,
his body,
his holes,
the evidence of his love,
with their own eyes

Peace be with you.

He lives! He is not dead! He is risen!

We once believed that gods did not die.
Once, God did die.
We believed that God would not rise.

We once believed Messiahs did not die.
Once, the Messiah did die.
We believed that the Messiah would not rise.

We once believed nothing until we saw it with our own eyes,
and we still do.

We cry out asking for the Father to show himself to us, asking Jesus to reveal himself to us, asking the Spirit to make itself known to us,
and we deny that they are living, that they are already present.

Let us instead ask for eyes to see them.
Eyes to see the living God everywhere,
in all that is good,
in all of creation,
even in all that is painful.
Let us ask for the Spirit to make us to live like Christ to follow the will of the Father.

Remember the Messiah did die,
now believe that the Messiah rose.
Remember that God did die,
now believe that God rose.

A cry of death.
A quake.
A quake.
A cry of resurrection.

Join the magnificent cacophony in proclaiming a resurrection from the dead, proclaim the truth of the living God,

Christ has died.
Christ is risen.


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