Introspection of a Moment

The soul of an adventurer is awakened in the introspection of a brief moment.

It is not something that develops over time whether or not you want it to. Without acknowledgement, you will never know it is there.

But that moment, that fraction of a second when you close your eyes and slip into your senses, thinking of nothing but what you hear, smell, taste, and feel, is a dangerous one. Once you ignite that flame in your soul, it will never be extinguished. You will forever live with that burning fire.

You will desire to chase after stories of beauty, redemption, and exploration. You will long for moments of silence to listen and simply hear. You will feel as though you may crumble beneath the weight of stagnation.

To have a soul like this, a spirit that desires something beyond you, does not mean that you will be unsatisfied until you are in the most remote jungles or desolate mountains. Anyone can find their way to those places eventually, nothing is ever hidden for long. A place does not determine what those who find it feel, they do.

You adventurous soul, you restless wanderer, may never want to leave the place you call home. You feel most alive when reading the stories of those who journeyed and traveled afar. For you, that satisfies the soul. Your senses are awakened by words on a page and pictures on a screen.

But some must smell the waterfalls, you must feel the gooey mud of the riverbank. You cannot rest until you taste the humidity of a jungle or hear the echoes of snowfall on the high mountains.

The soul of an adventurer is awakened in the introspection of a brief moment. How the senses are awakened means nothing, all that matters is that they were.


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