Welcome to Midnight

Let me pose a question here: What is your resolution for 2015? What is it that you have promised to yourself you will change?

We all have something.

Let me pose another question, a version of one I get frequently: What are you going to do with your life?

Interesting question, yes?

Is your life going to revolve around failures, mistakes, and desperate attempts to go with the flow?

We want to change but are held back by an invisible anchor.

We all cry out, desperate to be difference makers, but to do so we are going to have to change some things.

No more going with the flow. Individuality must blossom, not be repressed. Release all fears and doubts, pouring yourself into that thing that gets your heart pumping and answers the call of your yearning soul.

Light the fire within you, shine like a star that you may melt the iron fist that holds you down.

Monotony is mundane. Let that thing that gets you excited bleed into your life. Let it be so prominent that when you speak to someone they can’t help but get excited too.

You want to be a difference maker? Good. Me too.

Today is a day where explosions in the sky and staying up until the clock strikes twelve signifies change, promises to ourselves that we strive to keep, the rebirth of lost dreams, and the creation of new goals.

It is a night dedicated to change, a night where we decide that we want to become the person we would have admired as a child. The peak of our self-inflicted frustration, the turning point of the calendar, and the moment that signifies we made it around the sun one more time.

It is important to remember as we stand on this precipice of change that:

It can be slow,

It will take time,

You will feel discouraged,

It will hurt,

It will be hard,

You will want to give up.

Past mistakes and failures creep upon you as you try to release yourself from their clutches. You’re striving to be free, grasping at every chance you have to pursue that one desire and become a difference maker, and yet you find yourself falling back into defeat’s domain. Keep striving.

Start again, let it go, leave the past behind. It’s time to give yourself a clean slate.

Welcome to Midnight.

Inspired by TWLOHA’s Welcome to Midnight campaign


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