Who We Are

We are the shakers, the movers, the pushers.

We speak and the earth trembles, our breath is as the wind. Our voices carry across the plains, over mountains, and into valleys.

We preach from the rock and the ground shakes as we bow our knees in humble offering to the Maker of all.

Lightning flashes as we laugh, thunder rumbles as we rage.

Injustice is regarded as offal, those who cause it are scum.

We are captains on the high sea, guiding our ships through the storms that seek to decimate us.

Our eyes obliterate hatred and teach love to thrive.

A single breath from our lungs instills terror in the wicked.

We are earth-quaking, thunder-roaring, sea-crashing, mountain-trembling invitations to live, tear apart the old world, and build our kingdom.

We are servants of the King of Glory.


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