The Rain from Our Eyes

It seems like the rain will never cease.

Mud covers the floor and laughs cover our sadness.

Sprinkles fall from the tree and stray tears fall from our lashes.

Rain falls from the sky and from our eyes.

A cold breeze embraces the world and our family embraces.

Brothers and sisters not through the blood in our bodies but through the blood on the tree.

As the rain falls from the sky we look at each other through blurred vision with something less than joy but more than sadness.

A slow burn envelopes our hearts as the gap of time and miles becomes nearer to reality.

But that’s the thing:

“The slow burn reminds us, against odds, we are still alive”

It seems like the rain will never cease,

But it will. Eventually. Until then we link arms, joke to heal the sadness, and put on our brave faces.

We’re still alive.

The sun will soon shine and break through the clouds that we may dance in the puddles of our pain.

Zip codes change and miles separate, but family is family.

Nothing comes between those who are united by blood.


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