My Pet Dragon

It was a snowy winter day when I had to take my dragon for a walk.

I should clarify myself here.

I wasn’t necessarily walking my dragon, I was putting a harness on him while he drags me along the sidewalk.

Anyway, back to the story.

I harnessed Clarence, my black dragon a little larger than your typical corgi, and took him outside into the snow.
Naturally, he loved it. I, on the other hand, was miserable.

The snow was blowing almost sideways and I felt like I was flying a kite in a monsoon. With a self-flying, fire-breathing kite and frozen rain.

“Stupid dragon,” I muttered to myself.

As I continued down the sidewalk, my only guides being the streetlights along the cobblestone, I noticed something strange up ahead.

Through the snow I saw a very attractive young man that I assumed went to the international school across the street from my dragon training school. What struck me as strange, though, was that he too had a dragon.

I continued to walk towards him, my suspicions of him being attractive confirmed the closer I got.

Once we were in speaking distance, which in the storm was a mere two feet away, he spoke to me.

“You do not by any chance know where the Abbey residence is?” He asked me in strongly accented English.

I looked at him in confusion. My house was the “Abbey residence” as he had so eloquently put it.

“Down the street,” I said after a moment, pointing at my house. “I live there, why are you looking for it?”

“You are a part of the Abbey clan?” he asked me with excitement on his face.

“I’m not sure it’s much of a clan,” I said haltingly.

“May I speak to your father? It is of upmost importance.” the young man said to me.

“I guess,” I said with a shrug, glad for the excuse to go inside as Clarence had become restless. “What is your name and why do you need to see him?”

“My name is Katachi Mori,” he told me with a bow. “I am one of the dragon trainers located in Sapporo, Japan. We have need of your assistance. An infection has spread through our dragons and your father is the only one who has knowledge of the cure.”

To be continued…


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